Modern wind chill added

I was watching the wind chill values coming from my La Crosse 2315 weather station today and they seemed a bit low. So I looked up the correct values and indeed the station is spitting old the pre-2001 wind chill values. So I'm now calculating the modern wind chill and displaying it and the reading coming from the station.

Forecast icons added

I added pressure tendency and forecast icons to the current conditions display. The La Crosse weather station I have simply outputs 'Rainy' if the barometric forecast calls for precipitation, so there is just a simple above/below freezing check to see if it should display a rain or snow icon.

Weather station data now from database

I did some hacking of the files from the Open2300 project to enable recording of wind gusts to the database and enabled the PHP file used for the weather station data display to be driven off the database. Previously it had been reading the values from the weather station directly.

Next up is trying to get some historical chart data on there.