Second ride and my index shifting died

Temps were in the upper 30's this afternoon, so I met up with Bryan again for another ride. This time we rode north to St. Paul and Lillydale. This was the first time I had ridden there and it was quite nice for urban riding.

After Bryan headed for home, I did a small extension to get in 50 miles for the day, only to have the rear index shifting on my decade old Shimano Ultra STI leveers die on me. The front shifting has been sticking for quite a while, but the ratcheting on rear shifting gave out and I was stuck in my 39x15 for the rest of the trip home. I ordered a set of Shimano Sora 8-speed STI levers this evening, which should be fine for my commuter/beater bike.

First outdoor ride of the year!

Bryan and I met up yesterday afternoon to do our first outdoor ride of the year. We did about 35 miles around and east of Rosemount. The temperature was about 30 degrees and the sun was out, so it didn't feel too bad. But still, it is frustrating when it takes 30 minutes to get ready to ride. It is much nicer when you can just slap on a set of bibs and a jersey and head out the door rather than figuring out how many layers you are going to need and then locating the clothing.

And I'm definitely not in shape! When you can model your heart rate by multiplying your speed in mph by 10, it is NOT a good sign! :-)

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